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by Elizabeth Strickland Greco

From my view on the couch, Scot fit Highland Bootcamp looked deceptively easy.

But when I finally got up the nerve to try it — the low-impact version, mind you — I was surprised at the workout I got.

Who knew moving your arms back and forth could be so aerobic?

Scot fit Highland Bootcamp, created by champion highland dancer/teacher Sandy Kennedy Gribbin, is an exercise DVD specifically targeted to highland dancers.

Gribbin, who holds a Masters degree in exercise physiology and has almost 25 years of experience in highland dance, notes that highland dancers tend to be very highly trained, but only in highland dance. Thus, they are prone to career-derailing injuries.

As such, Scot fit offers cross-training to help prevent some of the most common injuries, such as shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

Scot fit offers a cardio portion, two hopping intervals, a strength portion, and a core portion.

What I like about Scot fit is that it offers choices.

For highland dancers, there’s a high-impact workout.

For the rest of us, there’s a low-impact workout. This makes it ideal for parent and child to exercise together.

And you can switch between high- and low-impact workouts with ease.

Jennifer Rogers of Columbus, Ohio, has been doing Scot fit since April with her son, highland dancer Justin Rogers.

“We watched it once, and we were hooked,” she says.

They purchased the DVD and now do the entire workout from start to finish, without breaks, once a week.

“I do the old-lady version,” jokes Rogers, “and Justin does the beast,” her nickname for the high-impact workout.

Rogers says the workout has increased Justin’s stamina for long competition days and has built up muscle.

As for me, I like to do Scot fit by myself. When I tried Scot fit on vacation — my idea was to have the entire clan, ages 11 to 70+, try it together — my sister-in-law joked that my cardio portion reminded her of the famous Elaine dance on Seinfeld.

It’s okay to laugh. I was the only one who finished the workout that day.

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