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By Jo Kalat, Choreography Committee

In 2011, we presented the Alien Ceilidh Choreography choreographed by FUSTA’s choreography committee andAlasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas open to all FUSTA members to use in performances across the United States.

In 2012 we are pleased to announce that some performances on Alasdair Fraser’s tour have presented opportunities for dancers to join him on stage with our very own Alien Ceilidh Choreography!

Jocelyn Case took the lead and organized a group that performed with Alasdair Frasier on January 22 in Portland, Oregon. Alasdair was pleased and so are we. We’re including a video so you can all enjoy the show. Other performances are planned in East Lansing, Michigan, and Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. This is a great opportunity to showcase Highland dancing.

If Alasdair is not going to be in your area, there can still be opportunities for you to perform. A new choreography to Scotland the Brave is now on the website. This is very versatile and can be performed with any group. So keep your eyes open for any touring group in your area.

For those instructors who are current FUSTA members and are interested in teaching the choreography to their students the instructional videos are available on this site under the Video, Members section. The password can be obtained by emailing us at

The Alien Ceilidh FUSTA Choreography

Dear FUSTA members,

The Alien Ceilidh FUSTA Choreography has just been made available for you to learn, teach and use. There are many Celtic music groups that perform across the United States. One way that we can increase public awareness about highland dancing is to perform with these groups. Many of you may do so informally already, but we’d like to facilitate everyone’s ability to do so. There is a FUSTA choreography committee that has been working hard to develop choreographies for both pre-premier and premier dancers that ANYONE can use in conjunction with Celtic musicians performing near you. So far, the committee has been working on two types of choreographies: first, ones that are choreographed to a specific piece of music by an artist who has agreed to work with dancers when they are in concert, and second, ones that are choreographed to an iconic piece of Scottish music that *any* group who is performing near you might be able to play.

Above is a video of the first of these: “Alien Ceilidh” to the tune of the same name by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas. Alasdair and Natalie have said that they’d be happy to have any dancers who are located near their performance venues come and perform to that piece of music (with prior notice, of course!). The choreography committee has put together this choreography to this piece of music–it’s designed for premier-level or otherwise advanced dancers to learn in 2-4 sessions.

To facilitate learning the choreography, we have put together some learning tools and made them available in the FUSTA members section of this site. Please look for your password in an e-mail from your FUSTA delegates about this choreography.

We would *love* for you to have your dancers learn this choreography and give us feedback on how the tools work and/or can be improved. Of course, feel free to adapt it to the needs of your dancers — it could fairly easily be adapted, for example, to be performed by more or fewer dancers, as needed. Please feel free to use this choreography in your own shows with recorded music (but obviously this should not be entered into a choreography competition!).

Please consider having your dancers perform in the USA Scottish Highland dance logo’d t-shirts, preferably black with silver bling, a black skirt and a tartan waist sash. Logo’d t-shirts will be available at the BATD Conference in Chicago on Oct 28, 29 & 30 and online soon.

Finally, please check out the performance schedule for Alasdair and Natalie at and see if they’ll be performing near you any time in the near future. If so, and you’re interested, please contact us at and we will help you set up a joint performance with them. Note that part of the point of this is that any group of dancers could learn the choreography and perform it, so if you want to join forces with other teachers/dancers in your area, that would be wonderful!

Be on the lookout for two more choreographies coming soon!

Thank You,

The Advancement Committee

With special thanks given to the Choreography Committee for their hard work and fantastic results.

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