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I believe

I believe in our Judges

I believe in our Teachers

I believe in the Scottish Official Board

I believe in Highland Dancing

I believe…..


We are a group of individuals that have come together for a common reason – the love of Highland Dancing!


We are a diverse group of individuals.

We are not family, but we are related!

We love each other, we hate each other.

We rejoice with each other, we commiserate with each other.

We work together, we tear each other apart.

We are not family, but we are related!


We all bring to this organization our hopes, dreams, promises,

likes, dislikes, personality differences, issues, etc.


We are passionate about “our hobby”,

We wear our feelings on our sleeves.

We are very sensitive, we are easily hurt.

We take negative comments to heart.

We over react, we fight back.

We are quick to judge, we are slow to forgive.

We are rational about some things, we are irrational about other things.

We are all different, we are all the same.


We are working together, we are working apart.

We are like siblings – at times each other best friends –

at times each others worst enemies.

We speak our minds, we say nothing.

We get involved, we watch from afar.


We are important, we are talented.

We are making a difference, we are an example.

We will leave our mark, we will continue the tradition.

We will pass on our heritage to future generations.

We willl……

We have to…..

I believe…….do you?