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Interactive flash card on Highland Extension

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to suggest making a New Year’s resolution of taking a highland theory exam this year!

Theory exams allow dancers to learn the meaning of Scottish Highland technical terms and ways of verbally describing them. One great way to study for theory exams is to use the highland theory website: This website helps dancers study for BATD theory exams using interactive flashcards. The flashcards are broken down into the different examination grade levels one through elementary so dancers are only studying what is required of them for the exam they are taking. The website is built to be a study aid to be used in addition to studying with a teacher and the SOBHD highland textbook.


Studying for theory exams can be challenging. It is important to study ahead of time and to set study goals. You can fit studying in wherever you are: the school bus, the ride to dance class, or even during TV commercial breaks! Studying for and completing highland theory exams give dancers a stronger knowledge of basic positions and movements. It is my hope that the website will allow more dancers to consider theory exams and possibly a professional exam to continue their highland career past their competing years.


Happy dancing and good luck on your theory exams this year!

- Megan Ashworth

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Choeographed and performed by the Jo Kalat School of Scottish Dance in Cary, NC

Rhythm of the Dancer was originally put together over ten years ago by senior premier dancers at Jo Kalat’s studio. It was my senior year of high school and I remember spending hours at home coming up with a small section to present to my friends at our weekly choreography class. We debated each and every detail, creating a finished piece we were all proud to be a part of. Each of the original dancers contributed parts, overseen by our dance teacher. Several of the moms collaborated to sew the beautiful costumes and it was debuted at the Loch Norman Highland Games in the spring of 2000. After all our hard work, we won the group choreography competition!

Years later, this version was featured in the concert ‘Rhythms of Scotland,’ performed in North Carolina. The group of dancers includes several of the original cast with a number of talented younger dancers taking over the places of those who have moved away to college, careers, and teaching. Looking back over ten years later, more than half of the original group is still actively involved in the highland dance community as dancers and teachers, me included. We’re now spread across at least 7 states in the Southeastern, Eastern, and Northwestern regions and Scotland.

It was my favorite choreography as a dancer and is still one of my favorites to watch. I hope you enjoy it too!

~Carolyn Buractaon


If you have a video of a choreography or performance you would like to see featured here, email it to along with the name of your school and your location, and optionally an explanation of its significance to you.

Performed by premier dancers at the 2011 Marguerite Reid Memorial Highland Dancing Workshop in King of Prussia, PA

All premier dancers who arrived at the Marguerite Reid Memorial Highland Dancing Workshop on Friday were invited to take part in this group Strathspey & Half Tulloch, coordinated by several Eastern Region teachers. Many chose to take part in this striking group performance; we hope you enjoy it!


If you have a video of a choreography or performance you would like to see featured here, email it to along with the name of your school and your location, and optionally an explanation of its significance to you.

Teachers and dancers show their support for USA Scottish Highland Dancing by displaying the “USA Scottish Highland Dancing – Strength in Tradition” banner at the United States Inter Regional Championship in Spokane, WA.  The stage was beautiful.  What a great opportunity for a photo and video shoot.

USA Scottish Highland Dance, Spokane WA, USIR 2011

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USA Scottish Highland Dancers travel to Spokane Washington for the 2011 USIR National Highland Dance Championship. Watch three dancers compete in the Highland Fling at the Lilac Open Championship.

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