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This well-done documentary showcases many aspects of highland games in Scotland, as well as discussing the history of the games. We (of course) particularly enjoyed the footage of the dancing and it’s also fun to learn about many of the other events that take place at highland games around the world. Did you have any idea that the hammer throwers wear “blade boots,” shoes with what look to be trowels mounted in the front? Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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video by Ali

These lovely dancers were competing in Primary, the category for young dancers less than 7 years old, at the 2009 Seaside Highland Games almost 2 years ago in Ventura, CA. We managed to catch up with one of the girls recently who by now is competing in intermediate and asked her to tell us some of her favorite things about highland dancing:

“My favorite things about highland dancing are seeing my friends and traveling. I have made new friends all over the United States, in Canada, and even in Scotland! I met many of my friends when I was in Primary, even some at my very first competition! We are still friends three years later! We get to see each other at competitions even though we don’t go to the same dancing school. We cheer for each other and have fun hanging out. Some of my friends who live far away are mostly penpals, but I get to see them when we travel, which I love! We have traveled too many places to count! I love highland dancing! If you are looking for a fun activity to do where you can make lots of new friends, I recommend highland dancing!” — by Beret, age 8


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