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The skills learned in my years as a competitive Scottish Highland Dancer were instrumental to my success as a litigation attorney for a Fortune 500 company. Growing up, I was very shy, and competing from a young age gave me the confidence and poise necessary to perform in front of large groups of people.  It also instilled in me the belief that I could accomplish anything that I set out to do.   I would recommend it to any young person as a great foundation to a successful career.

    Heather Bale,

    Attorney at Law

    Corporate Law Department State Farm Insurance Company

    by Amy Hurwitz, FUSTA West

    Highland dance has played an integral role in my life since I first joined FUSTA as a dancer at age five. Through dance, I learned the importance of self-discipline, practice, persistence, and good sportsmanship at competitions.  Whether local or far away, competitions often gave my family an excuse for small vacations during which we visited new cities and immersed ourselves in the Scottish culture at the Highland Games.

    Friends & the World Wide Highland Dance Community: Through Highland dance competitions and workshops, I have also made lifelong friends throughout the United States, North America, Scotland and Australia. FUSTA’s annual USIR event is always a highlight for me as I am reunited with friends from far away and get to visit a new city each year. For championships abroad, I often socialize or travel with Highland dance friends, and enjoy the team mentality among dancers from the USA.

    Teaching: In my early teens, I took my teachers’ exam and began training young beginning dancers, and gave workshops at my high school and later at university.  These experiences increased my knowledge of the dance textbooks and enabled me to give back to my community in a new way. Seeing my students learn new dances and improve their technique is very satisfying and I hope to contribute to the legacy of Highland dance.

    Career: Now, as I enter the working world and continue graduate academic studies in science, the values that I gained and practiced through Highland dance transfer easily and benefit me daily.  As well, wherever I go, geographically or career-wise, I know I can find a support system through the teachers, dancers and families of FUSTA.  Ultimately, when I complete my academic studies, I would like to start up a small dance school of my own to continue the legacy as an ambassador of Highland dance and to keep a balance with my career in science.