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  1. I am the owner of a small specialist highland dance business. I am enquiring whether it would be possible to have a link to your website from mine http://www.bobbymunrodanceshoes.com Bobby Munro was a champion highland dancer and teacher. He designed his shoes to be flexible and to enhance the dancer’s foot. Many dancers competing at Cowal were wearing Munro shoes. Please look at the website. We will be reintroducing Munro jig shoes in a couple months; as many dancers have been asking for them. They will be available in small sizes which I have been informed are as rare as hen’s teeth. See Mum’s net highland dance Scotland. Many thanks, Marie.

  2. Greetings Highland Dance Enthusiast!

    There is a new recording available “Leaping Ghillies Vol. 1″ – Highland Music for Highland Dance. It has recordings for Highland Dances at various tempos within SOBHD competition tempo range. Additionally, it has slower tempos for Drill & Practice at the Barre. And it includes Quick Time only with a two beat introduction so dancers can easily hone their skills for specific steps without having to fast forward or listen to the entire tune.

    This entire work, 60 minutes – 47 tracks, sells for $9.99 and can be purchased by download at most online multimedia outlets like iTunes or at these web sites:

    Visit http://www.caber-records.com for news on future recordings, or, if you have a question, email scott.cawthon@caber-records.com. And be certain to listen to the sample tracks – you won’t be disappointed.

    I look forward to your purchase and recommendations for future recordings.

    Thank you for your time;

    Scott Cawthon – piper

  3. Emily Morris says:

    Hello, I have been searching for lessons in Highland dance for my daughter. We live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, I have yet to find any teachers/classes. any information you could share would be helpful.
    Thank You,
    Emily Morris

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