About DiscoverScottishDance.com

The blog DiscoverScottishdance.com was launched by the Federation of United States Teachers and Adjudicators (FUSTA) Advancement Committee, composed of four FUSTA professional Highland Dance instructors who live in four different states. FUSTA and this committee are committed to seeing Highland Dance thrive in the United States of America.  Technology has made it possible to bring people together, not just the four of us but the entire USA Scottish Highland Dancing community.  The purpose of this site is to do just that, bring people together.  Whether you are discovering Scottish Highland dance for the first time or an alumni trying to reconnect with your roots this site is for you.  This site also serves to enhance the experience of current members in the community with teaching tips and interesting articles written by the Highland dance community, for the Highland dance community.

If you are curious about Highland dance, have an article or idea to contribute or would like to get more involved, please e-mail us at DiscoverScottishDance@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Scottish Highland Dance. We appreciate your ongoing involvement and support.



Nancy Strolle, Illinois 

Jo Kalat, North Carolina 

Sara Gilchrist, Ohio

Ashley Gentry, Kentucky 


Special thanks to:

Carolyn Buractaon of Washington for managing the content of this site.

The FUSTA Board of Directors for their support of this project.

Each of the committee members working with Nancy, Jo, Sara and Ashley.

Deep appreciation to the individuals who have contributed ideas, written articles, supported the promotion of this site and worked hard to provide quality content.



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