Born in Balloch, Scotland Sheila Mittig studied all forms of dance at the Stewart School, Alexandria. Sheila

Photo of Mittig with Plemmons and Ketron

Sheila Mittig (right) with her daughter Alison Plemmons (left) and dancer Sarah Ketron (middle) at the Chicago Spring Fling

emigrated to Dearborn, Michigan in 1964 and immediately began teaching Highland Dancing. She is a Life Member of the B.A.T.D. and has been on the S.O.B.H.D. judge’s panel for many years. Sheila has judged and taught workshops all over the world and has taught two World Champions. Sheila now lives in Novi, Michigan where she still teaches along with her daughter, Alison. A former student of Sheila’s, Alison is a four time U.S. Highland Dance Champion.


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On behalf of FUSTA and the Discover Scottish Dance efforts we’d like to to be the first to say “Thank You” to Sheila Mittig for her honorable commitment and outstanding achievements that contributed to making the U.S.A. Highland dance community what it is today.

2 Responses to Honoring FUSTA Hall of Fame Member Sheila Mittig

  1. David Tague says:

    Hi Sheila: Congratulations on all your life achievements in Highland Dance. Having been born in Dumbarton and moving to Michigan in 1955, my only disappointment in life is that I didn’t know you were there or you would have had me as your student. I know you lived in Livonia. I lived in Westland and went to school in Livonia. Would have saved me from my teenaged wanderings if I could have had your guidance in highland. If only we could go back in time. You are an amazing lady as is your daughter, Alison and I am glad I know you both.

  2. Amelia Burkhardt Bowdell says:


    You have always been so supportive thought out my dancing career. You smile brightens up any room. Thank you for your love and support!

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